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ActiveSR is a safe, novel approach to support restoration of fragile bones and general bone health including protecting bones from weakening and preventing bone loss common as one gets older.


I want to thank you again for ActiveSr! I no longer have a constant aching in the joints, esp. in the AM. I also feel better on the whole. Wow, what a difference! Love the product! - KM


I have been on the Active Sr supplements for bone loss. After two years of using your product, I am happy to report that my bone density test showed terrific and amazing results! My doctor said to be sure to continue this product since I am so successful in strengthening my bones! Thank you, Active Sr! This 70-year-old artist highly recommends this product!


BioLink is wonderfully aware and creative – reflecting on current health challenges like fragile bones, finding potentially powerful and simple solutions based on their deep research of natural elements and processes. - RH


One study on bone structure and density showed significant increases within 3 months.  

In the early 1900’s, European doctors prescribed strontium salts as treatments for osteoporosis. These early reports were forgotten until the 1950’s when investigators at the Mayo Clinic and in Canada reported that use of strontium lactate for as long as 3 years restored bone damaged by osteoporosis and allowed patients greater mobility without pain. However, these reports also fell by the wayside.


Today we know that the strontium in ActiveSR supports bone health in numerous ways.

The Science Behind ActiveSR

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The Safety of Strontium and ActiveSR

The Facts: 

  • After analysis of the health effects and safety of strontium by the US Dept. of Health and Human Services, as well as similar reviews by regulatory bodies in three other countries, the authorities concluded that there are no harmful effects of non-radioactive strontium in humans at levels typically found in the environment. (The strontium in ActiveSR is not radioactive.)

  • In many areas of the US, strontium is present in the water supply. In these areas people had less tooth decay. Where strontium is present in high concentrations in the drinking water, it had no adverse effects on the health or lifespan of people or animals living in those areas.

  • For over a century, strontium salts have been recognized treatments for osteoporosis.

  • Today, strontium salts like ActiveSR continue to be used for the treatment of postmenopausal low bone density. Strontium works with calcium and magnesium to restore both bone density and bone architecture. If this occurs, your bones will resemble resilient “young bones.”

  • Strontium is also provided in some drugs that have been approved by the US Food & Drug Administration.


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Safety of Strontium

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