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Our focus has always been on patients and their families.

Meet BioLink

BioLink is a specialty pharmaceutical company focused on the development and commercialization of patented treatments to meet the needs of underserved patient populations. 

BioLink builds on reformulations of “gold standards of care” to provide novel treatments eligible for approval using 505(b)(2) New Drug Applications.

BioLink Specifics

  • Focus on enhancement of standard of care treatments for chronic diseases

  • Pipeline depth & breadth: 5 drugs; multiple indications

  • Speed to market: 1 – 5 years

  • Minimal clinical risk: Established safety & efficacy

  • Limited development cost: < $10 million per drug for 505(b)(2) candidates

  • Experienced drug development team

Our Story

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Honoring My Mother


I am fortunate that my Mother lived until she was 96. She was an active golfer until her late 80’s. Then she broke her ankle on the golf course and her life changed.


Looking back, I realize that I failed to recognize some of the warning signs of brittle bones. She enjoyed a good diet. She walked the golf course until the clubs became too heavy. But she started using a bisphosphonate drug when she was in her 50’s. I did not connect that to her subsequent tooth loss or broken ankle.


Yet when I reached my 50’s, I began to question my doctor’s advice about bone health. I questioned it because I studied diseases where bone health deteriorated. I questioned it because massive doses of both calcium and vitamin D were being recommended. I questioned it because I realized that the drugs simply stopped bone rebuilding and did not support true bone restructuring. I questioned it because trusted advisors rejected these same treatments with comments like “Cancer” and “Brittle Bone.”


So I looked for alternatives in the older scientific literature. I found studies of strontium lactate that had been carried out at the Mayo Clinic and in Canadian hospitals. I found recent reports that the strontium ion actually supported restoration of damaged bone, as opposed to simply stopping deterioration. I went over the clinical studies with a fine-toothed comb, analyzing the data to see if my conclusions mirrored the reports.


Along the way I worked with some wonderful scientists who added their knowledge to my own. I learned from our own clinical study that low quantities of strontium L-lactate are sufficient to support bone rebuilding by calcium. I also learned that balancing calcium with magnesium would support bone rebuilding without changing risks of vascular calcification.


My work is continuing. My goal remains the identification of supplements that will support our health as we mature. I am glad you have considered joining me in this endeavor.

~Dr. Deanna Nelson

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