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The Science Behind ActiveSR

ActiveSR is a safe, novel approach to support restoration of fragile bones and general bone health including protecting bones from weakening and preventing bone loss common as one gets older.

The Science Behind ActiveSR

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One study on bone structure and density showed significant increases within 3 months.  

In the early 1900’s, European doctors prescribed strontium salts as treatments for osteoporosis. These early reports were forgotten until the 1950’s when investigators at the Mayo Clinic and in Canada reported that use of strontium lactate for as long as 3 years restored bone damaged by osteoporosis and allowed patients greater mobility without pain. However, these reports also fell by the wayside.


Today we know that the strontium in ActiveSR supports bone health in numerous ways.

  • For over a decade, women in over 70 countries have used a drug containing strontium to rebuild bone density and treat osteoporosis.

  • Here in the United States, a clinical study has shown that use of a strontium-containing supplement combination supported maintenance of bone health in women experiencing bone loss.

  • An animal study in old goats (yes, old female goats) has shown that addition of strontium to the diet supported maintenance of bone health.

  • Our clinical bioavailability study informed us of the quantity of ActiveSR that could be used each day to support maintenance of bone health.

  • Current studies of bone maintenance taught us that strontium is best used in combination with calcium, magnesium, and vitamin D in order to optimize support of bone health.

  • Our users have confirmed that after about 3 months, they not only felt better but were able to see stronger and more resilient fingernails, a known sign that bone health is being maintained.

The Safety of Strontium and ActiveSR

The Facts: 

Maintaining healthy bone involves four key components, which act in concert to maintain the healthy strength and resilience of the skeleton. Adequate calcium, magnesium, and vitamin K, as well as other minor players in bone health, are obtained through the diet and by supplementation with a multivitamin with minerals. Strontium support is available from the supplement ActiveSR™ (strontium lactate).

  • After analysis of the health effects and safety of strontium by the US Dept. of Health and Human Services, as well as similar reviews by regulatory bodies in three other countries, the authorities concluded that there are no harmful effects of non-radioactive strontium in humans at levels typically found in the environment. (The strontium in ActiveSR is not radioactive.)

  • In many areas of the US, strontium is present in the water supply. In these areas people had less tooth decay. Where strontium is present in high concentrations in the drinking water, it had no adverse effects on the health or lifespan of people or animals living in those areas.

  • For over a century, strontium salts have been recognized treatments for osteoporosis.

  • Today, strontium salts like ActiveSR continue to be used for the treatment of postmenopausal low bone density. Strontium works with calcium and magnesium to restore both bone density and bone architecture. If this occurs, your bones will resemble resilient “young bones.”

  • Strontium is also provided in some drugs that have been approved by the US Food & Drug Administration.

Safety of Strontium

The Magnesium Ion is a "Hero" for Health!

The magnesium ion has a key role in the actions of over 600 enzymes in the body. This ion is a "Freedom Fighter for Good Health" and supports glycemic control, blood pressure, metabolism, vitamin D synthesis and use, muscle tone, brain health, immune health, and heart health. Despite its value, over 60% of Americans lack sufficient magnesium in their diet to support good health. 


Healthy Sleep & Memory

Sleep is a naturally recurring state of mind and body. Sleep typically occurs in 4-6 repeating periods over 6-7 hours in which the body alternates between two distinct modes: REM sleep (dreaming) and Non-REM sleep. During NREM sleep the brain undergoes restoration and healing, including protein synthesis, glucose storage, synthesis of high-energy phosphates (ATP), removal of metabolic wastes, and memory processing (integrating and filing important information and throwing away trivia).


The magnesium ion is a key player in all of these activities. If you have sufficient intracellular magnesium, it is easier to fall asleep, you sleep better, and you awaken refreshed and ready to start your day. During sleep, the magnesium ion chaperones ATP from site to site, supports healthy metabolism in the brain, and aids in memory management.

Cellular Energy Production

The engine with our cells is the citric acid cycle. Under normal conditions, it converts sugar to water and carbon dioxide. As this conversion takes place, high-energy phosphates (such as ATP) are produced, oxygen is captured and manipulated without generating free radical stressors, and starting materials for amino acids, proteins, and genetic mediators are produced and used. Like all engines, if a critical part is broken or missing, the engine won’t work or chugs along half-heartedly. Magnesium ion is a critical part. This ion is required for the rate-limiting step in the citric acid cycle. If present in sufficient quantity, the engine hums. If insufficient, the engine falters, generates damaging free radicals, and allows stress responses to take over. Your energy level goes down.


Active Vitamin D

Supplemental Vitamin D is needed when the body does not provide enough active Vitamin D naturally. Magnesium plays a critical role in synthesizing active Vitamin D in your body. If your cellular magnesium is low, your supply of Vitamin D will be compromised.

Vascular Calcification

“Hardening of the arteries” is the way we used to describe the changes associated with vascular calcification. Both terms are associated with heart disease. Current research indicates that magnesium plays dual roles in modifying the rate at which vascular calcification occurs and redirecting calcium to its proper deposit site – your bones.

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Safety of Strontium

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