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Sample ActiveSR Strontium Lactate for bone health - capsules + Zinc L-Carnosine/Vitamin C for your immune health - chewables.

Sample ActiveSR + Zinc L-Carnosine/Vitamin C Combo

  • ActiveSR Strontium Lactate for bone health, sample supply - capsules. This is a sample supply of capsules. ActiveSR Strontium Lactate benefits include:

    • Encourages bone formation
    • Discourages bone resorption
    • Improves bone resilience
    • Enhances freedom of movement

    Contains no sugar, salt, colesterol, gluten, or peanut oil.

    ActiveSR uses a "veggie" capsule. It is made of hydroxypropyl methyl cellulose (of vegetable origin).

    The capsule contains 750 mg of strontium L-lactate (equal to 250 mg strontium). Our clinical study showed this is an appropriate daily dose for maintaining bone health. This is 96% of the contents.

    The capsule also contains two FDA-approved excipients to keep the powder from caking. They are silicified microcellulose and magnesium stearate. There are a few milligrams of each.

    Zinc L-Carnosine/Vitamin C for your immune health, sample supply - chewables. This is a sample supply of Zing easy digestible chewables. Zinc L-Carnosine/Vitamin C benefits include:

    • Supports immune health

    Contains no sugar, salt, cholesterol, gluten, or peanut oil.

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